Double Major

“This is an amazing, interactive, personalized game! I was blown away by all the hands-on components and the narrative story line.”

Mark G.

“Overall, I loved the experience! I loved how the story came together and the ways in which the puzzles increased the intensity of the situation with each deciphering. I was so hooked I spent the whole day working on it.”

Jillian R.

"This was truly one of the best (games) I have played. . . I loved the personalization, the quantity and diversity of puzzles, the narrative and the excellent hint system! I loved it and highly recommend it!

– Kelley W.

About Double Major


An unexpected envelope arrives containing evidence that makes you question everything you know to be true. After a second mysterious mailing, the sender vanishes and you receive a box of seemingly unrelated artifacts. You are left to make sense of it all before another person disappears.

Double Major will test your talents and tax your brain. In this immersive, mystery you are challenged to unravel the dark circumstances surrounding the goings-on at a university. We give you the WHERE, but it’s up to you to decide, decipher and piece together the WHO, HOW and WHY through traditional codes and ciphers as well as original puzzles. A hint site is available should you need a little help.

You will receive four (4) mailings over a three (3) week period. Each parcel is incredibly unique and very personalized…the contents of which are guaranteed to draw you in and make you an integral part of the storyline.



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