Root Of All Evil

“Root of All Evil delivered deep dark storytelling, beautiful props, ciphers, and an atmosphere reminiscent of the movie Seven, if it had been set 70 years earlier. Playing it felt like we were unearthing something that had long been buried.”


"Wonderfully immersive experience. This game will stay with you - even if you don't want it to.


". . . Root of All Evil is heads and shoulders over 99% of the other products on the market today. Narratively satisfying and complete, a splatter of puzzling, physical products galore. A top product from the minute you open the very first cardboard box until the minute you. . . "


“Root of All Evil is a beautifully designed and wonderfully written narrative experience that immerses players within its world from start to finish”


“Root of All Evil is truly a narrative EXPERIENCE and is the the best story I've seen in an at-home game. One thing I really loved is that the puzzles were not necessarily required to complete the game."


“This was THE BEST mystery in a box experience we’ve ever had! And we’ve done A LOT of these! The storyline, the attention to detail, the clues in the box...BRAVO!!! ... an amazing experience and worth EVERY PENNY!”


“Great experience with highest quality props in any play at home game that I have played! Excellent story!"

– GUY E.

About Root of All Evil

A mysterious crate arrives on your doorstep packed with aged ephemera and artifacts. You are a character in this interactive-literature told through an old journal, newspaper clippings and other peculiar objects. Follow a newly ordained priest as he battles his demons – both real and imagined. Decode puzzles and solve the mystery surrounding an eerie tree on the grounds of the Northern Michigan Asylum. Can you locate the ritual and save the soul of the damned without sacrificing yourself in the process?

Root of All Evil is an immersive, interactive game where you are a critical character. Great for a game night with friends, or play alone…if you dare! Perfect spine-chilling gift for an unsuspecting recipient.

Be warned, this experience could be deemed offensive or disturbing to some, as it is definitely a walk on the dark side.

BUY-BACK PROGRAM: There has been a lot of talk throughout the at-home gaming community regarding sustainability. To do our part, Crack-a-Nut Mysteries has implemented a BUY-BACK PROGRAM for Root of All Evil. Customers that have played Root of All Evil and don’t wish to keep it, but also don’t want to throw it away, have the option of returning much of the game to us (at our expense!) in exchange for a gift certificate for 10% off a future purchase. If you are interested in returning your Root of All Evil game (save the box,)  and email using BUYBACK ROAE in the subject line.



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